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Our main goal is to provide a state-of-the-art tax assessment. To achieve so, up-to-date knowledge of all tax regulations is crucial as they change constantly, specially during the last years. Based on the knowledge and experience from our professionals we show our clients different improvement proposals, analyzing each case separately and suggesting diverse options for an optimal planning in order to save on taxes while always observing and complying with the law.


Comprehensive tax consultancy

Tax planning, tax management and tax monitoring for joint-ventures, individual corporations and other professionals.

Tax impact

Study on the tax impact for different taxes in order to streamline its fiscal burden, within the current framework of fiscal regulations.

Tax planning

Definition of tax policy and planning of operations based on previous advice on the most convenient legal form of company.

Recurrent taxes

Assistance preparing and filing monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns with the local, regional or national administrations. Personal Income Tax (IRPF, Impuesto de la Renta de las Personas Físicas), Corporate Tax (IS, Impuesto sobre Sociedades ), installment payment: direct and objective estimation (modules); VAT (IVA, Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido), special taxes; Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts (ITPAJD), Inheritance tax (ISyD), Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IITVNU - capital gains); Advance Income Tax from workers, self-employed workers, leasing, mortgage loan interests, informative statements (yearly summaries , form 347, form 184, Instrastat and others).

Tax procedures

Advice and assistance during procedures involving the Spanish Tax Agency’s Tax authorities according to Court procedures for settlement proposals and tax appeals resulting from the operations.

Tax inspections

Assistance and defense before the Tax Inspection Authorities.

Appeals and communications with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT)

Study, preparation, review and submission of all kinds of drafts, appeals and enquiries to the Spanish Tax Administration Agencies about processing and resolution of tax proceedings.


Analysis and proposal for working together with our clients in Administrative-Accounting processes as per business needs.

Tax enquiries

Immediate and up-to-date resolution of tax issues, with emphasis on legal / tax matters. Regulations, resolutions and precedents of interest to our clients.

Special system

Tax analysis on transformations, mergers, acquisitions, split-ups and liquidations of societies. Tax neutrality.

Tax debts, deferral and installment of payment plans

Procedures related to the Spanish Tax Agency’s Collection Authorities, tax deferral and instalment requests as well as offset request.


This service is designed for processing and digitally storing all the economical information of companies, as per business needs and obligations:

  • N.I.I.F. compliance,
  • Financial situation accounting.
  • Accounting detailed status.
  • Accounting closing.
  • Management of official accounting books and compulsory books.
  • Preparation of balance and of use and result books.
  • Study and interpretation of company results anytime, with the goal of taking always the right decisions to optimize your business and lower taxes.
  • Financial/economical situation analysis.
  • Accounting and tax check of the business.
  • Taxes and accounting reconstruction.
  • Drafting and deposit of annual accounts in the Commerce Registry.
  • Resolution of accounting and tax enquiries.
  • Outsourced accounting service: external advice to clients on their operation accounting and review of those.
  • Drafting and submission of the Spanish Statistics Institute (I.N.E.)
  • Accounting services to individual entities: expenses and incomings control and bill management for individual entities and self-employed workers.


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