Labour Department covers social / work related needs and those created by day-to-day activities of companies and self-employed workers, from payroll creation to social plans with special attention to high-level executives treatment, strategic planning of work relationships, flexible work conditions system development, collective agreements, business agreements and defense against work inspections and assistance for the proposal of actions related to collective agreements or labour disputes.


Contracts of employment

Drafting and changes to contracts of employment, extensions and communication to the National Employment Institute. Analysis and clause modification as per business needs.

Preparation of Payrolls and Social Security

Preparation of Payroll payment files and Social Security settlements through Siltra system.

Support and legal representation for corporations and self-employed workers

Processing of dismissals, sanctions and legal assistance on pretrial conciliation and social trial.

Hired hand

Discharge, time off sick and changes to the Social Security General Regime.

Self-employed workers

Discharge, time off sick and changes to the Social Security’s Special Regime for Self-employed Workers.

Processing of temporary disability certificates

Certificates of discharge after temporary disability due to common disease, work-related illness or occupational accident.

Work related inquiries

Immediate and up-to-date resolution of legal/work area enquiries, with emphasis on Social Security issues. Regulations, resolutions and precedents of interest to our clients.


Analysis and proposal to work together with our clients in Administrative/Work processes as per business needs.

Social Security communications

Advice and drafts submission to Social Security Authority intended to ask, register or solve any issues related to individuals with administrative records (labour / social).

Collective Agreements

Research, interpretation, application and renewal of collective agreements and collective bargaining.

Work Inspections

Research and analysis of proceedings related to Labor inspections and Social Security. Assistance and legal Labour Defense against these proceedings.

Social and labour audits

Analysis and review of the company’s situation (legal and labour), Verification and study of all documents provided by the company, and compliance to related current Labor and Social Security regulations.

Cost of Workforce

Analysis and study of costs of workforce: salaries, supplements, contributions (compulsory and voluntary), insurances, pension plans, direct social benefits, compensations, grants, training, tax benefits, etc.

Security and health at work

Information and compliance with the Risks at Work Prevention Service


Preliminary study, calculation and application for pensions.


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